Laser Cutting

O’Brien Engineering has over 60 years of extensive metal cutting knowledge. Starting from the humble die punch and guillotine cutting methods, to now state-of-the-art laser cutting.
The careful and informed selection of all our lasers, has ensured we can offer extremely accurate, high-quality laser cutting in a timely manner.
Our network integrated inventory of machines will have you covered for everything from accurate, fine detailed cutting of speciality materials, through to heavy duty industrial cutting.
Allowing O’Brien Engineering to remain an industry leading supplier to an array of industries including signage, engraving, architectural, fabrication and industrial.

Looking for something custom to make your business stand out?


ALUMINIUM up to 16mm
Brass up to 10mm
Copper up to 8mm
MILD STEEL up to 25mm
Timber up to 20mm
Acrylic up to 25mm
Largest cutting/processing area 3070mm x 1550mm

AMADA, VENTIS-3015AJ, Fibre Laser – 4000W

The crown jewel, and latest edition to our fleet of high-end network integrated laser cutters.

Amada’s VENTIS is the biggest innovation in sheet metal cutting and the next generation of fibre laser cutting technology.

The 4000W of power creates our fastest, most powerful and accurate laser cutting with its revolutionary beam shaping technology.

AMADA, LCG-3015AJ, Fibre Laser – 2000W

Our highly tuned, direct drive Fibre laser cutter is another one of our network connected machines.

This laser cutting machine delivers higher speeds and faster acceleration, resulting in enhanced processing speeds and extremely accurate cutting of thin to medium gauge materials.

Like our other Amada laser cutter, it’s processing area will allow for sheets up to 3050mm x 1525mm.

AMADA, FOMII-3015 NT, Co2 Laser – 4000W

This machine offers exceptional quality and accurate cutting utilising Amada’s state of the art optical deflection.

High quality performance can be achieved for sheets as large as 3000mm x 1500mm with materials ranging from 0.5mm up to 20mm with incredible accuracy.

This AMNC numerically controlled machine is fully integrated with all our other Amada machinery, allowing for seamless processing from development through to cutting and folding.


The OptiFlex is Kern’s flagship high performance laser system, which has an improved motion system utilising powerful servo motors on each side of the laser.

This means accurate and accelerated speed rates that are up to three times faster with 100% increase of top end vector speed.

With a processing area to handle 2440mm x 1220mm sheets, this machine will cover large scale cutting of 2mm – 25mm acrylic and certain timber-based sheets up to 20mm thick.

Faster, cleaner cutting allowing for highly presentable finished products, perfect for signage, trophies and other custom laser cut jobs.

Looking for something custom to make your business stand out?