The Chopper – Shear #1001

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The Choppers light weight makes it easy to carry around the shop from one area to another, while its guillotine style cutting action ensures clean, flat, square cuts every time. ?The shear has three point stance so it sits firmly on uneven work surfaces. The Chopper is a 100mm shear with a guillotine style action. ?With the metal finger guard in place, the cutting edges of the blades are visible so you can always see what and where you are cutting. ?The feature is standard on all #1001 shears. ?Metric rule is standard.


The 1001 has a simplified, measured drop-off gauge consisting of a sliding block on a rod. ?It is an invaluable aid for making accurate, repetitive cuts. An operators Manual is included with every 1001 Shear.

Shear Capacity

Aluminium ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?0.65mm Engravers Brass ? ? ? ? ? ? 0.50mm Flexible Plastic ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1.60mm Brass Plated Steel ? ? ? ? ?0.375mm